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Teknetics 8000 Omega Инструкция __TOP__

my teknetics omega 8000 broke down on a field day of national geographic in the netherlands. it broke down on the support bracket .Just on that particular day i did not find anything. I used to be very carefull with my apparatus ,but alass construction is very weak of coilsupport bracket . Next time i will buy german quality .

Teknetics 8000 Omega Инструкция

Great detector. Easy to adjust and dial in. Accurate ID and depth indicator. I am so happy that I now have a detector that doesn't require me to fight with 5 knobs just to get the machine to ground balance. A half hour after unwrapping the Omega 8000 I took it to the park and had dug 4 targets in less than 10 minutes. Beyond a cache of gold, what more could I ask for?Sep 15, 2011 $1200.00 results For $599.00by Buffalo Jim in crozet va usa - 076b4e4f54


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